Matt's Story

I was born with full vision but lost 95% of my sight when I was five years old. The doctors and teachers said I would have to leave my mainstream school and go to a school for people with disabilities. They said I would never play sport and that any career aspirations I might have, were basically over. 


Against this backdrop, my parents kept me in the mainstream school. They enrolled me in sport and instead of saying Matt can’t do that, we said, let’s try it and if Matt can’t do it then let’s find plan B. With a desire to achieve, a desire to prove I was not disabled, and a lot of Aussie mongrel, we found a way and never really had to look at plan B.



Despite being blind, I’ve always had a clear focus on my goals and my why. As a cyclist, my why was to prove to myself and the world that with the right mindset, behaviours, and work ethic, you can become a world beater. 

I ultimately became a Paralympian, a World Champion, and a World Record Holder Tandem Cyclist. 



My why in surfing is because I absolutely love everything about surfing and to be able to compete in the sport that I love is an absolute bonus. It feels like a dream to have also become a 4-time world champion


2023 Plan

My 2023 plan (including my spotter) is budgeted to cost around $45,000 and includes,


1.    Overseas surf training blocks - it is important to learn the different breaks!

2.    ISA Para World Surfing Championships.

3.    Equipment Purchases.



Now that you know more about me and my goal, I hope you feel inspired and want to join me on the journey. Your contributions will make a meaningful difference to helping me successfully achieve my goals.

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